Let’s Build You A Bowl or Vase

Build Information Needed:

Approximated Diameter
Approximated Height
Profile Wanted (The Shape of the Bowl or Vase)
Open or Closed Segment
Row Thickness – Thinner Rows, more detail but more cost
Number of Segments per Row – More Segments, , more detail but more cost
Now Let Me Design it

Below are some ideas of cost and options:

Vessel Costs:
Open or Closed Segment Per Row
i.    12 segments    $5.00
ii.    18 segment     $6.40
iii.   24  segment    $7.00
iv.   36 segment     $9.75
v.    48 segment     $13.00
vi.   60 segment     $15.65
vii.  72 segment     $18.00
viii. 84 segment     $21.00
ix.   96 segment     $24.00
Gross Segments $00.10 each
Painted Segments $00.15 each
Feature Segments $15.00each
Materials Up-charge $xx.xx very exotic woods

Bowl or Vase design and assembly:
1. pick the default (background ) wood to use
2. pick the wood to use for the base
3. pick you vessel type and profile:
a. Boxes
b. Candlesticks
c. Hollow Forms
d. Open Form
e. Platters
f. Urns
g. Vases
h. Native American
4. size your bowl or vase, how tall and how big in diameter

At this point we have a basic bowl or vase, let’s refine it to your liking.
1. Do you want a closed segment or open segment bowl or vase
2. Intricacy of you bowl or vase
a. How many segments per row
i.   12 closed or open
ii   18 closed or open
iii.  24 closed or open
iv.  36 closed or open
v   48 closed or open
vi.   60 closed or open
vii.  72 closed or open
viii. 84 closed or open
ix.   96 closed or open
b. How thick is each row
i. 0.75″
ii. 0.625″
iii. 0.50″
iv. 0.375″
v. 0.25″
vi. 0.125″
3. Three options:
1. Painted
2. Feature Ring
3. Tornado

Let’s plan your bowl or vase